S​/​T I (Old)

by Little Ease

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Haley S all the right fuck yous in all the right places Favorite track: Hate People / Love Cats.
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released November 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Little Ease Brighton, UK

Just a band.

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Track Name: Success
I try my best but I wont keep up. I'm not sure I'd want to if I could anyway. This stupid uniform. This fucking job. I know you think that you've surpassed me.

I've seen the way you smirk, "I used to know that guy, I hear he had to take his A-Levels twice!" And yeah I hate this job but I do what I can. I've got my own views on success. And I bet your mum's cooking makes moving out seem real daft. And that's just fine.

So don't look down on me because I am happy and I like living with my girlfriend. And yeah I work two jobs, but from where I'm sitting you're the one stuck in this town, mate.
Track Name: Davey's Farm
Sell the forest, cut the corporate tax? Where's Robin Hood when you need him?

We live by the sea, we're drowning, and everyone is frowning about how we live and how we spend our time and what we call our diet. I'm trying, at least I'm fucking trying to just make ends meet to just make it by.

I don't want to work on Davey's farm.

You think? You thought we wouldn't notice? It's not what you did, it's the fact that you thought you'd get away with it. I struggle to get my views across, I struggle to express myself, to let people know how I'm feeling; let them know how angry I am. I find myself becoming more bitter everyday, I can't help but hate everyone and thing.

I don't want to work on Davey's farm and that Nick, he's no better.

Fuck you all.
Track Name: Potential
If there's a chance I'm sure I'll take it. If there's a bridge I've got to cross then I'll probably just jump off it and yell. If there's a way to cut some corners, I'll tear this fucking page right in half.

I try my best doing everyday tasks, I'm not exactly sure why I can never say no. I know that means that people take advantage of me but I've got to be the nicest person that I can be. But deep down inside I am desperate to lash out, to tell them to fuck off to tell them to get out. But my self-loathing manifests itself in a way you might not expect.

I always take the easy way out, it makes me hate myself. I'm desperate to do something, but what that is I'm not sure that I'll ever find out.

If there's a hill I'll power through it, I'll blindly stumble through these moments of peace. If I've got my time, I'm definitely going to take it. I'm always going to say "I'll make the effort this time".
Track Name: I Will Never Hear Nothing Again
You must suffer for your art, is that was this is? Well if I'm the artist, then I guess you're the critic. Well I'm not sure what to say, I guess I just don't really believe you anyway.

"I love how quiet this town is on a Sunday morning", she said. I smiled and turned away, the serenity was lost on me. I've just got a thousand brush strokes and pulled screens ringing in my ears. That's what I've got to live with for spending my time with these 'artists'.

My eyes don't hurt when I look at paintings, my nose doesn't bleed when I take it all in, so why do my ears ring from this fucking music? I try to protect them, I do what I can, but I can't change the fact that when I was a kid I was just too punk.

I'm not saying you shouldn't live life in the present, just take into account there'll be consequences. So eat all your greens and get your eight hours a night.
Track Name: Not A Gray Area
So you think this is progress? You think you have the right? This isn't up for discussion, this isn't about what's private. Smash the glass ceiling to pieces. I hope it fucks you up. This isn't up for discussion. You're everything everyone expects to be wrong with this sport that I love.

Bit of banter with the lads off of air, "she's just a bird she don't know football", "I like her tits, but I'm not sure about her hair", you fucking disgust me.
Track Name: Hate People / Love Cats
I try to understand things from your blasé perspective, but I just can't comprehend the way that you look me in the eye. I've probably got the street smarts to stay well out of trouble, but who the fuck are you to put me in this position in the first place?

He says / she says "shut your fucking mouth". What are you trying to prove? It's all bullshit. Fuck this. Fuck you all.
Track Name: One Big Day
All these pretty people I'll probably never get to know. All these pretty places I'll probably never even get to fucking go. All these trends and issues I can't begin to comprehend. Am I that out of touch?

"You ask too many questions, you just seem too polite" That's what you said to me when I asked you. I'm not sure if I'd ask you again. You look to me like I give a fuck. Coming from you, I guess I should have expected as much.

It's just one big day.